About Us


SchoTest is an initiative of S.J.J. Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to fulfill its social responsibility towards society and to make a positive impact on the educational system of this era.


At SchoTest, we provide ample opportunities, aid students financially and academically, for students to fulfill their academic dreams. Besides scholarships, we conduct seminars, exhibitions, personality development workshops, and literary competitions to direct the immense energy of students towards achieving their sacred academic dreams, building confidence and exposure to the real world.

Effective association with parents and guardians of students leads to directional progress of the student. With more than 5,000 schools lined up on a single platform, SchoTest equips parents and students to compare, evaluate and choose the best school in their vicinity on different parameters such as students’ performance, teaching standards, infrastructure, services and so on.

Schools must establish an environment that enables students to create, develop and implement new ideas that will allow them to progress and grow. They need to have the best technology and teaching methods to outperform in every field of the education system. SchoTest has everything that a school needs; we provide expert solutions for database management, website, and software support and for all other academic services. With a wide range of professionals from different fields of education, SchoTest gives an opportunity for schools to enhance teaching methods, performance of students and to infuse new classroom technologies.

SchoTest is preparing National school Index for Indian schools. The National School Index presents a framework and a corresponding set of indicators in two principal categories and twelve policy pillars for schools. The index "assesses the ability of schools to provide high levels of education to their students. This, in turn, depends on how productively a school uses available resources. It is aimed at helping schools, students and parents make the right choices when it comes to lifting education standards in India