Scholars of India
SchoTest has always believed that it is our responsibility towards society to enlighten it with the lamp of knowledge. At SchoTest, we stand by our principles of integrity, commitment and unswerving dedication to the cause of the students. For this, we have launched SCHOLARS OF INDIA; an initiative of in association with SAFED, that provides fellowships to the students to unlock their future and unravel their academic dreams. It aims to provide financial assistance to meritorious students. Students from class 5th to 12th can participate in this scholarship exam and will be rewarded with Cash Prizes, Medals, Trophies, excellence certificates along with the excursion tour for the top performers across the nation.

Registration for the Scholars of India
  • Direct registration through the website of SchoTest.
  • Students, whose schools have registered with SchoTest, can directly approach the school administration for their registration.
  • Students can also register through our Business Development Executives.
Registration Fees and Documentation
  • Registration fee = Rs. 200 per student.
  • Students do not need to provide any documents for the examination, however, those who qualify for the Mains examination will be asked to bring certain documents to validate your credentials that you have filled while filling the Scholars of India form.
Specifications of Scholars of India Exam

Scholars of India is a comprehensive exam, under which Scholarships are given to the excelling students who stood out among others in the exam. It consists of the following stages-

Prelims Exam
  • It is the first stage of the Scholars of India exam, under which students are tested for their logical reasoning, mathematical analysis, science, familiarity with the English language and finally for their awareness of their surroundings.
  • The syllabus and pattern for the examination have been thoroughly designed for each class.
  • Mode of Examination:
    • Class 5th – Class 9th = online
    • Class 10th – Class 12th = online
  • Number of questions = 100 questions
  • Type of questions = Objective/Multiple Choice
  • The medium of the Examination = English or Hindi
  • Duration = 1 hour
  • Each correct answer carries 2 marks; however, for the wrong answer one-fourth of the marks will be deducted.
  • For unattempted questions; no marks would be deducted.
  • Thus a candidate can score a maximum of 200 marks.
Mains Exam
  • No extra fees would be charged for the Mains exam.
  • Candidates are required to clear the Prelims to give the Mains exam.
  • Pattern and Syllabus remain the same as the Prelims exam.
  • The Mains exam would be relatively tougher than the Prelims exam.

National Level

Class 10th - 12th
Rank Prize Medal Certificate
1st ₹ 10,000 Excellence Certificate
2nd ₹ 5,000 Excellence Certificate
3rd ₹ 2,500 Excellence Certificate
4th - 10th ₹ 1,000 Excellence Certificate
Class 8th - 9th
Rank Prize Medal Certificate
1st ₹ 7,500 Excellence Certificate
2nd ₹ 4,000 Excellence Certificate
3rd ₹ 2,000 Excellence Certificate
4th - 10th ₹ 1,000 Excellence Certificate
Class 5th - 7th
Rank Prize Medal Certificate
1st ₹ 5,000 Excellence Certificate
2nd ₹ 3,000 Excellence Certificate
3rd ₹ 1,500 Excellence Certificate
4th - 10th ₹ 1,000 Excellence Certificate

State Level

Class 5th - 12th
Rank Prize Medal Certificate
1st ₹ 1,500 Excellence Certificate
2nd ₹ 1,000 Excellence Certificate
3rd ₹ 500 Excellence Certificate

District Level

Class 5th - 12th
Rank Prize Medal Certificate
1st ₹ 1,000 Excellence Certificate
2nd ₹ 750 Excellence Certificate
3rd ₹ 500 Excellence Certificate
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