Why Get Registered With Us


We all know that the role of technology is growing rapidly in every aspect of our life so SchoTest realizes that in this era of technology, there is unlimited scope for an institution like your ones.

So,from infusing your institution with the best technology to providing expert solutions for database management, website enhancement, software support and all other academic services; SchoTest gives an opportunity to all the institutions to enhance their teaching-learning methods.

Among the countless benefits that your institution can avail, some key ones are-
why get registered


Personalized listing
Your institute will get a dedicated domain at our panel which will describe each and every specialization and characteristics of your institution. From the basic characteristics i.e. infrastructure, transportation, canteen, security, sports facility to more advanced i.e. online management, eco-friendliness, everything you can list at our platform.


Unbiased ratings
At SchoTest you will be featuring in two types of ratings, namely Rating by SchoTest and Rating by Students and the average of these ratings will give you the ranking. Ranking of schools is done at district, state and national level.


Social media promotions
After getting registered with us your institution will get an opportunity of promotion on our vast social media network. This will not only help you gain popularity but also give you a chance of further improvements.


Your institution will get a real assessment report by our experts and educationists. Based on these assessments, you can identify the loopholes and plug them and this will help you progress in a much better way.


Stand out among competitors
Features of every education institution are rated by us, so it's an opportunity to show yourself among the best. Even you can have a look at what other features your institute can incorporate and take learning to a whole new level.


Innovative ideas
We will share every innovative idea with you to enhance the performance of your institution. Our team will always be there to guide you and help you to have the best educational tools and tech.


Rating upgrade
you can upgrade your ratings by registration of students under the Scholars of India, as only registered students have the right to rate your institution. Along with this, you can enhance your ratings by upgrading your school features.


Stage up Achievements
you can publish achievements of your institute and your students on our web portal. This will further boost your ranking and even the performance of your students. As praising someone for achievements works wonder for them.


Free listing
Free listing on SchoTest without any time restrictions. By listing yourself, you can extend your outreach to different corners of the nation and even facilitate students and their parents to know whereabouts and whatabouts of your institute.


Admission button
Free of cost admission button in your school info. on our web portal, in which you can share web link or even admission information. This will help you reach to the masses and expand your institute to the new territories.