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Achieving Scholarship the Right Way
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Achieving Scholarship the Right Way

Scholarship provides opportunities to students who dream of getting admission in their favorite school and seek proper education. In the vague of financial assistance students may start working as a bread earner for the family.

SchoTest noticed that hike in tuition fees and even in the school fees as the main reasons as to why students work in part time jobs to support their family. It distracts the students from their study and hampers their academic performance.

If you are a student and looking for scholarship then check out “Scholars of India” initiative by SchoTest.

At SchoTest, we provide ample opportunities to unearth the latent potential of the students by aiding them financially and academically. A scholarship is an award that helps to ease your financial load in school. The funds dispersed through scholarships can be used to defray the costs of tuition, books, accommodations, advance studies and other expenses directly tied to a student’s educational cost. Think again. You will be surprised at as how far scholarships can help you to achieve your educational and even career goals. 

Start Preparing Early

To qualify for the scholarship students should be well prepared for the ‘Scholars of India’ exams that are conducted in every registered school under SchoTest.

According to SchoTest all the meritorious students who got the scholarships in past, have started their preparations beforehand only.

Be Focused

Scholarship in today’s time is the key to success as it helps students financially and academically.  Moving ahead in their career, students should be well focused towards their inbuilt talent and to the field in which they need to build their career.

SchoTest helps in admission of the students to their favorite school, which helps them to excel in the future and to stay focused towards their academic career.

Submitting Application

If a student is serious about achieving a scholarship he must get himself registered before the time runs out. Clarity of thoughts is a must while submitting the application. The information provided by the students should be authentic.

Degree of Your Choice

Nowadays money does not matter if it is the question of your child’s education. SchoTest helps in choosing the best school for your child and provide one of the top ranking scholarship programs to help your child’s academic goals better.

SchoTest believes that passion has no limits. If your child has talent and is passionate about it, no one can stop him from being successful. SchoTest backs your child’s future by guiding him into the right direction and fulfilling his dreams.


Scholars of India is divided into three categories:

1 National Level

2 State Level

 3 District Level

Getting a scholarship will surely help student with financial benefit in addition to other career benefits. The student who is scholarship holder under SchoTest indicates that he/she has bright academic future.




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