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Scholarships in India
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Scholarships in India

Are you a son/daughter of a billionaire?  Do you not face any difficulties in your academic pursuit? Do you not want to fulfil all your ambitions? Yes, of course, you want everything that might seem unthinkable at your position. But how to get? is the basic question that haunts you. No worries, SchoTest is standing by your side in your quest for academic excellence scholarship. SchoTest offers “scholars in india” a fellowship program; whereby you stand a chance to win scholarships and grants worth 1 lakh Rupees.


Why scholarships in india are necessary? With the rising cost of education , many capable and talented students are not able to get the best education. Many a time they are forced to drop out at an early age. They tend to start working so they can also lend support to their family. But without proper education, they are low-paid, not only for that period but also for a lifetime. Even a report has shown that only 77% of the students are enrolled in class 10 and even worse for class 12, where students enrolled is limited to 52%. This clearly depicts the dire need for scholarships in india.

Why choose “scholars of india” fellowship? SchoTest offers one of the comprehensive scholarships among the various scholarships in india . The scholarship offered is a merit-based scholarship, whereby all the students have to take the exam conducted by SchoTest. The exam is a two-tier examination in which you have to qualify the first tier exam to sit for the next tier. The exam will be conducted at both online and offline modes. All students from class 5 to class 12 can take the exam. Separate awards are given to students at each class at three different levels- National, State and District. Top 3 performers at state and district level will be awarded and top 10 performers at the national level will be awarded one-week free educational excursion along with other rewards. Besides, medals and certificates are also given. Also, a participation certificate along with other goodies is given to all the students.

Some myths that are associated with scholarships in India are-

Scholarships in India are a hard nut to crack

It is a general consensus that for getting an academic scholarship You have to be economically and socially backward to achieve a scholarship you have to be ultra smart and know everything. You have to be one of the class toppers. Even there is a belief that you need coaching and other sources guide to get a scholarships in india.

Rumours around the scholarships in india is that you will not get a scholarship if are well to do of family and only economically and socially backward to get the scholarship.

You have to be ultra intelligent to achieve a scholarship

If you want to get a scholarships in india then you have to know everything under the sun. You have to study day-in and day-out to get one of the scholarships.

Scholarships in India are very costly and time-consuming

It is believed that scholarships in india is a time-consuming process and it might take years to get a scholarship. Even it is said that you need to spend a lot of money from your pocket to get a scholarship.

Registration to any scholarships in India will daunt my chances to get another scholarship

Amongst the public, it is one of the top rumours that you can get only one scholarship and you will not be eligible for other scholarships.

Registration is a tedious task and only experts can complete the registration

Registration to any scholarships in india  is quite a tedious task to perform and you need your school backing for registration i.e. your school should participate in a particular scholarship program.

Various certifications are necessary for any student to get register in any scholarships in india

You require a great many documents to get registration in any scholarship in India. In addition to that, you need various certifications from different sources to get a scholarship.

All these myths have been busted by SchoTest. The registration in “Scholars of India” is like a walk in the field. You have to open the SchoTest App in your mobile phones and simply fill in your details. No certificates required at the time of your registration, although you may be asked to bring your result photocopy of the class you passed in tier two. Make the payment through any recognised means. The payment that you require to pay is also very low. You even get concession in your payment if you get your friend registered. Your applying to other scholarships of India won’t hurt your chances of getting SchoTest Scholarship. You can easily get the details of the examination in the SchoTest mobile app or website. You need not worry about the preparation for the scholarship as the syllabus of the exam is also student friendly.

So don’t waste your time in thinking of where to apply for Scholarship in India. Go for the “Scholars of India”.




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