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Why today’s generation child getting bored at school
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Why today’s generation child getting bored at school

“I’m bored.” It is that little phrase which has the power to fill parents with a cascade of dread, annoyance and guilt. It is as if that if someone is bored, someone else might have not been able to enlighten or enrich or divert. And in the first place why someone – child or adult—claim boredom when there’s so much one can do and so much yet to be done?

Boredom is something to be experienced rather than run away from it. It prepares oneself to an experience which is life. Life is not a bed of roses; it's not always how you want. You have to mould yourself to the situations. the sooner you realize this, the better it would be for you, otherwise, you are there for a nasty surprise. Life isn’t meant to be an endless parade of amusements. Yeah! You heard it right. If you think your life is boring now. Well, it only gets tougher. It is you who has to make life interesting; no one else would do it for you.

In the contemporary world, child bored in school. Whose fault is this? Is school not capable of providing engaging content or kids have developed such a mentality that books no longer entertain them or it is the parents who most of the time, have other works to do and leave their child in the parenting of modern gadgets? Before reaching a conclusion, we must evaluate what changes are going on in this ultra-modern world.

Your child trudges home after just another school day . You ask “How was your day?” “Boring” comes the reply. Most of the time we hear from our child saying I was yawning in Maths classes or science lectures went for a bouncer or History was suffocating and I only know how I dealt with it. And you are left pondering what must be causes behind all this. As predictable as the rising sun from the east, unengaged children misbehave, break rules and seek fulfilment in less-than-acceptable ways.

Diverse students and the need to adapt

For overachievers, it could be the pace of teaching. These students already know what is taught in school and many a time their need to be challenged is not just met. Teachers and Parents in such cases can come to rescue, brimming these minds with creative projects for school and learning activities would go a long way towards fulfilment.

For others, it could be a lack of interest on a particular subject, but students thoughts, a lack of understanding of a topic. They feel lost and helpless and this further causes boredom in school. For them solution ranges from creating curiosity about the topic to spending additional time on the lesson, creating that level of understanding which will breed success.

Role of teachers

It is not always the students thoughts, who are to be blamed for them being bored at school. It is seen that many times teachers aren’t able to create that environment which would amuse the students thoughts. It may be due to lectures being too long or simple topic turned too difficult by such a comprehension by teacher itself or teacher being unable to relate the given topic with the present day examples which easily get embedded in the brain of children or any other reason. It is for the teachers to see that students thoughts are engaged in the classroom.

The solution to this is actually quite simple, a little break in long lectures or doing activities or projects that will help in engaging students thoughts with the subject or clearing doubts or even asking questions in between the lectures could be some basic steps towards getting rid of this boredom.

Technological mines all over

Many parents don’t have time for their children, in such a scenario most of the time they use technology as a free babysitting service, which of course is not free. The payment is waiting for them around the corner, as they are playing with their nervous system, their attention and with their ability to delayed gratification pattern.

When these children come to the school, they are exposed to human voices and adequate visual stimulation in contrast of being bombarded with the graphic explosions and special effects that they are used to seeing on the screens. After spending hours on virtual reality, processing information in the school becomes increasingly challenging for these kids because their brains are getting used to the high levels of stimulation that video games provide. The inability to process lower levels of stimulation leaves kids vulnerable to academic challenges. Technology further disconnects us emotionally from our children and our families. With such technology, children are emotionally, physically and mentally drained out.

Limited technology and re-connect with the children emotionally would help. Having family dinner, playing board games with them or taking them out, time and again or doing fun activities like pillow fights or dancing or playing musical chairs and many other kinds of stuff will help the child come out of boredom.

Being bored in school is not your choice but you can definitely select your school that fulfils your needs and interests. And SchoTest thereby, with its Nationa School Index helps you choose the right school. Even many find their lack of funds being a problem to getting in that school which may not bore you; whose curriculum is a thing to reckon with.scholars of india will help you with this little problem of yours. One can easily sail through the dreams by the fellowships provided in the scholars of india .



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