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7 Public Speaking Tips that will help you remove stage fear
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7 Public Speaking Tips that will help you remove stage fear

Standing and taking in front of people has never been an easy feat – whether it’s just for ten seconds or ten minutes. In fact, studies have shown that Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) is the most common phobias around the world. So, my friend you are not the only one who is having such fear. Here are some easy to follow tips that you can implement, so that when you have an interview or academic presentation or public debate; you don’t mess up the situation, instead of leaving an impact on the audience with your powerful orientation.

Understanding your stuff

Nothing will stop you if you have a clarity of thought on the topic you are going to present. Know your content, analyze your strengths and most importantly your audience in front of whom you are presenting your case. Knowing your topic will enable you to speak more naturally and hence more confidently. In case you forget your lines then also you can make up as you are already confident about the subject.

Thus, if you are aware of what you are talking about, then hardly there would be any reasons for an upset.


Mirror Talk

It's an old method and you might have also heard from people, saying that practice before the mirror. And they are not wrong. “All is in the mind”, the fear that you hold is just a manifestation of your mind. Once you realize this, you are good to go. There are many negative thoughts that are going within you, like “what if I forget something?” or “what if people start murmuring around?”. You need to change this thing into a positive thought, “What if I am great at this?”. It may sound simple, but positive affirmations do a world of good to boost your confidence.


Thinking about your worse

Yes, if your positive talk didn’t work. Then close your eyes, and think about the worst situation that you will be caught into. Imagine everything from start to end. Now open your eyes, you have just gone through your worst situation and now its time to change your thought. You have just been to your worst-case scenario; anything which will happen from now will be better than this situation.


Visualizing yourself

Imagine yourself giving a presentation and you are surrounded by tons of public. Feel the situation, you might feel like everyone is constantly laughing at you, criticizing or judging you, that’s not the case. Get over it, no one bothers about your presence, nor they are going to hang on your every mistake.


Stretch your body

Many a time, due to nervousness, the body becomes stiff and muscles are tightened. So, before going for public speaking, just stretch yourself. This will help you loosen the tense muscles and relax your body.


Deep Breathe

Anxiety and Pressure are the most common problems people face before public speaking and taking deep, slow breathes helps calm your nerves and thus provide write balance to your body and mind.


Don’t fight with your fear, instead accept it

You need to accept that you will feel anxious, especially in the first few minutes of your presentation. The more you are anxious, the more it will discomfort you. Even the experts of public speaking feel the pressure of the situation, so you just need to calm yourself that yes, this is a presentation, fear is bound to come.



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