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Are you ready to undertake your board examination?
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Are you ready to undertake your board examination?

Learning and academics have changed manifolds in the current scenario with the students and teachers not being devised to such a long halt in traditional classroom learning. The prolonged closure of campuses and online classrooms are fragments of the new normal.  What remains constant is the learning process and a students' academic year.  Board examinations have been an integral constituent of qualification and further successions in career choices. After the much-anticipated discussion result regarding the conducting of exams, the datasheet has finally arrived for both classes. This year, the board decided to make changes in the current syllabus from the curriculums. Students have started to make preparations and so have the teachers and parents. 

As the pressure takes over with the passing days, it is important to remember that preparation is not only about diligently working but also having an apt approach towards completion of the groundwork within time. Having some quick tips up your sleeves might help you get through at ease with your board exams. 

Make sure you are indulging in healthy habits such as a clean diet, physical activeness, maintaining good hygiene habits, mental well-being, and a good sleep schedule. Having a wholesome lifestyle caters to your mind functioning actively. 

Have a study schedule planned which gives you enough time to learn, memorize, and revise lessons before deadlines. This may help you boost your confidence and leave no room for last-minute-panic-studying. Solving a fine number of sample papers and question banks are a great help in understanding question paper patterns and revision. 

Tests and examinations often trigger anxiety and panic. However, certain exercises like breathing techniques, music, walking, etc. can be done to calm your nerves and relax. Do take timely breaks between studying. Choose a study atmosphere where you can avoid distractions. 

Try grasping for materials over the internet to have clearer concepts but limit the amount of time you spend online to avoid distraction. Social media and gaming are engaging platforms that can prove to be draining if not used under regulation. Practice self-control and give yourself some positive self-talk oftentimes. 

Keeping these little tips in mind may credibly prove to be helpful. Nevertheless, no matter how much your parents, institutions, or peers sound to weigh you down with the intimidating thoughts of board examinations, always remember that at the end of the day it is merely another exam/test as any. Remember to relax, eat well, drink enough water, sleep properly before your examination, prepare in prior, and write and revise effectively. 
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