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Do you know what your child is surfing on the internet?
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Do you know what your child is surfing on the internet?

Are you aware if your child surfing safe or not? 
Present times are driving more attention to internet surfing and the hours spent online for various activities. The new normal period introduced by the pandemic to the world has placed most of our social existence on the internet; adults, as well as children, are spending the majority of their times on the internet.  If not checked, the internet can prove to be a vulnerable place to be left wandering. Cyberspaces report of bullying and unsafe activities on a regular basic. Now is the need to have an open conversation with your child to encourage healthy transparency. 

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Remember how you remind your child often to stay away from talking to strangers? A recent study presented, about 40% to 50% of children talk to strangers online of which 15% of the children tried to meet the stranger they talked to over the internet. Reminders are not enough especially if you are not indulging in healthy transparent conversations with your child. Take some time out to sit with your child and engage in online activities together, rapport formation is vital. Have specific hours of internet usage assigned to your child. Installation of software like anti-virus and parental control browsers are healthy browsing practices.

Family values and moral system play an important role when it comes to decision making. As much as it is significant to check up on your child doesn't fall prey to cyberbullying, it is also necessary to check if they are themselves indulging in such activities online. Check up on your child's' behavioural changes and attempt to communicate regarding the same without pushing them away. Such are the times now which require one to stay more indoors, needless to say, this leaves the children to find alternate activities and internet is the catch. Along with encouraging healthy internet browsing practices, it is of utmost influence to make sure that internet is not the only source of learning or spending time; reading habits, learning a musical instrument, discussing world culture, learning to cook and many more life skills can be done to regulate hanging out online. 



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