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Importance of Education
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Importance of Education

If I am able to write this article then it is all due to educational reasons I got and if you are able to read and comprehend what I am going to write, then there must be something very about special education. Thousands have written about the importance of education and you also have the basic idea as to why education is important for all. Then why you would waste your time and energy in reading another piece on the importance of education. But, my friend! A human being is not just another creature. He is always in search of looking for some extra information; some beautiful masterpiece; something which will leave a long lasting impression. And fortunately, you are also an intelligent being, then why not another piece, in hope that you can get something exorbitant to read.


Origin of Education

A human being is one of those creatures who has evolved with time and know how to survive the wrath of the time. Be it a natural catastrophe or mass destruction by himself, he has emerged victorious all the time. Although it does not have very high strengths but the ability to think and evolve has given him that edge which even dinosaurs didn’t have. Dinosaurs one of the largest creatures to roam around the planet also perished with time.

Evolution of Education

With the invention of wheels around 20000 BCE, we get a glimpse of what humans could do. Soon they could travel around the world destinations and look for the different phenomenon of nature. Within no time he discovered fire, which helped him withstand other mighty creatures. He developed tools and weapons to protect him and found new sources of food. As time passed he learned about agriculture and soon settled life started. Kingdoms emerged, work became fragmented, new skills emerged, hierarchy developed and roles were assigned. Humans wanted to pass on the experience they gathered to the future generation and this led to the emergence of cave painting, rock edicts and the very important; the language. Soon he could write and communicate the vast experience that he gathered to the future generation.

Advancement of Education

To check the movement of society, he further introduced the concept of Religion. Religion became the code of conduct of the society. In it, it is written what you need to do, how you have to be and what is demanded from you. Religion became the educator of society. With the time, scientific temperament developed and people started asking questions about everything and soon religion took the back seat and logic and reasoning came to the forefront. With the growing population and scientific advancement, came the machinery age. Whereby, industries developed, education system transformed to suit the needs of the industry.a better education system  became class oriented whereby you are given job oriented education to meet the current market requirement.

Where you get the education in the contemporary world

Though one is never too old to learn. Education is a life long process, throughout your life you learn something or the other. Since childhood, these have been your constant guide to your educational excellence-

  • Parents and family
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Peer groups
  • Internet and other resources

Importance of Education for Children

It is said that it is easier to build strong children than to repair a broken man. Education is the building block on which the child develops his personality and children are the builders of any nation. One cannot think of development without having its foundation set. Thus education should be the prime focus of any nation if it wants to grow. Education benefits children in multiple ways like-skill learning,  developing curiosity and creativity, instilling discipline, developing strength and endurance, communicating, building confidence, setting aspiration, canny observation, preparing them for competition and personality development to name only a few. He learns to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. If we can provide that opportunity to children, where he gains and advances through education then, we are not only handing them the key to success but also the key to the nation. Whereby, we can say our future lies in safe hands.

Why education is important for you

Education is your helping hand which unconsciously always help you in time of your distress and even rewards with success. Education is like that employee who always works behind the scene and is never recognized. Here is the brief on how education benefits you.

  • Education help realize your innate skills and help bring your talent to the fore.
  • Education gears you to success by fetching you, your dream job. Nowadays without education getting a job is as difficult as finding a needle in the bush.
  • Good education imparts you with the ability to make informed decisions about your life. You know what is good for you and what is not good for you. You do not have to depend on others as to how you run your life.
  • Education provides you with a happy and content life. It is found that educated people live a better family life and they are less likely to indulge in domestic violence.
  • Being educated means you are less susceptible to cheating, scams and other frauds. You take extra precautions in your day-to-day activities. Even you are less susceptible to fall in prey to the terrorist organizations who are in search of such people whom they could use for their unethical practices.
  • Additionally, your health depends on your education, you will keep a distance from those things which are unhealthy and even take those steps which will boost your strength.

What Education holds for the world

Education determines how humans progress. Key areas where education plays a dominant role includes-

  • Poverty alleviation and reducing the disparity
  • Busting myths and superstitions and encouraging logic and reasoning
  • Scientific research in every sector of life including space exploration
  • Safety and security against crime
  • Prevention of wars, terrorism, and strife
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Maintenance of Law and order
  • Administration and Governance
  • Women Empowerment
  • Upliftment of the economically weaker populace
  • Communications along with judicious use of the Internet


What SchoTest offers to Education

SchoTest has taken to itself to revolutionize the educational system. Whereby, we will infuse the institutions and schools with best teaching practices. Help parents and children locate the best schools in their locality based on the National School Index(NSI). In NSI one can glance at the various features that a school provides along with it one can see their ranking in the district, state and national level. If someone is stuck between two or more schools that are best suited to their interests, then he can compare them and evaluate directly, all on the same page. All one has to do is download the SchoTest app and you are ready to go to have the aesthetic yet world-class experience.

Scholars of India: to take you one step closer to advance education

SchoTest even provides for the fellowship under “Scholars of India” program where scholarships will be disbursed to the meritorious students who stood out among the students. Under Scholars of India, students from class 5th to class 12th will be given scholarships at district, state, and national level. All one has to do is complete his registration of Scholars of India and take the test conducted by SchoTest. And the outperforming students will be given medals, certificate of excellence, cash-based awards along with the free one-week excursion tour. Others will get the participation certificate along with the unmatchable experience to deal with the competitions. You can overcome your academic hurdles by winning this scholarship. Let schotest be your helping hand to make your future bright. We have everything covered that will take your education to the next level.

In the world where education is given primary importance, one cannot escape from it. You have to have this weapon in your armory so that you can defend yourself. Otherwise, your survival will depend on others’ whims and fancies. It is up to you now, whether you want education and move with the trend or just miss out on something achieving great.





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