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New learning strategies and the impact
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New learning strategies and the impact

New learning strategies and the impact:


A recent study shows that about 70% of students have opted to drop out of their higher education during this course of the pandemic crisis. We have not only arrived at a turning point in relevant social conduct but also frantically trying to cope up with the switch to remote learning. The unexpected pandemic came along with the potential to create a radical destabilization in almost every sector. However, the education sector switching to online platforms has managed to escalate digital segregation.


While teachers and students are accommodating to the use of technology and digital alternatives, remote learning is not accessible to all students. Digital learning strategies demand higher data usage and prolonged device time which implies access to a limited group of students. Online teaching comes along with its own set of challenges for both the teacher and the learner. New teaching platforms for classroom interactions such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other applications might be complicated to operate for those who are technologically challenged causing a pause in learning.


 The dynamics of online teaching evidently lacks the setup of a formal classroom wherein a student is curbed to socio-emotional interactions. Remote learning terminates one's socio-emotional skills and may lead to developing social anxiety. 

Research shows that due to increased screen time and decreased human interactions individuals are becoming prone to stress, depression, and anxiety issues. Students exclusively rely on technology as a medium of recreation which constraints physical activities affecting their physical as well as mental health.


Unforeseen circumstances have shown a line-up of provocations for both teachers and students in their learning process to overcome the impact of the pandemic. Understanding from the current drawbacks in the education system which is trying to grapple with the pandemic, it holds a position of responsibility to be further accessible and affordable. Efficient lesson plannings, study resources, and mixed media usage should be undertaken to be more impactful and attainable for all student groups. In the coming times, the education sector must cast it's focused on keeping the head above water and preparedness in crisis so that education unfailing remains in quality and equality for all.




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