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Safety in schools : Need of the hour
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Mr Chandan Bhalla

Safety in schools : Need of the hour

Kids are as tender and sensitive as a flower and apple of their parents’ eyes. Parents keep no stones unturned to ensure the safety of their little ones. They provide everything best for them, whether it’s their outfits , their friends,  school, or any extracurricular activity-classes. But parents aren't aware of what their wards are doing once they reach school. Children spend more time in school than anywhere else, almost a very significant part of their day. Hence, it becomes a vital duty of concerned school authorities, teachers, and parents to ensure safety in the best possible way. They need to make it very sure that the students are safe in the campus as well as going to or from the campus.

so in this article, we are going to talk about the vital steps and measures schools must take to ensure adequate safety of students.

1. Inspecting School Routes

Most of the mishaps and accidents take place when students travel to schools. It is due to the negligence in the safety of school routes. Many footpaths are in adverse conditions, that force students to take roads to walk and get themselves in trouble.

Lack or absence of speed breakers and proper road signs etc. are some of important factors adding to these mishaps. A route safety inspection can be carried out regularly by the local government and school management to point out the obstacles and difficulties faced by the children.

2. Inspecting School Bus

One of the most crucial and accident-prone time is when students travel to and from school on a school bus. School authorities should conduct a regular inspection inside and out of the buses. They must check if the tires are in proper wrking condition if the brakes and other mechanical parts are working fine. Not only this, they should also check the engine's condition to eliminate all the potential fire threats

3. Awareness of Road Safety

Carelessness and lack of thoroughness in passing on necessary road safety education to students can put their life at great risk. students should be made aware of the necessary traffic rules and regulations by conducting safety workshops on both primary and secondary levels.

4. First Aid and Inter-school Clinic Service

It is mandatory for schools to provide proper first aid facilities to students inside the campus , accidents can happen at anytime , so ay delay in the treatment can produce some severe consequences.

5. Ensuring laboratory security and fire safety among premises

School labs are a great place to gain practical knowledge, but care must be taken as it is the most accidental prone place of the school. Proper measures such as fire extinguishers and other safety equipment should be there. fire safety equipment should be available all across the campus.


while these are some parameters every school should follow, there are other aspects also which are worth noting to ensure physical, psychological, and all kinds of well being in school.

Directions by CBSE for student safety:

  • The CBSE has directed its affiliated schools to install CCTV cameras at all vulnerable areas within the school and to limit the entry of outsiders within its premises
  • The Board has also asked the schools to ensure that the non-teaching staff such as bus drivers, conductors, peons, and other support staff be employed only from authorized agencies and that proper records be maintained
  • Further, the Board has also directed that schools must constitute separate committees for redressal of grievances of the staff, parents, and students, and form an internal committee for complaints regarding sexual harassment under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012. 
  • this information is available on the site also:

Hence keeping all these measures in mind the apple of parents' eyes can be protected from any harm. 

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