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The New Education Policy 2020 is set to be a landmark in India’s history of education
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Anu Pandey

The New Education Policy 2020 is set to be a landmark in India’s history of education

The Government of India has renovated the current National Policy on Education, with the National Education Policy of 2020 (NEP).


The All-New Education Policy of India 2020, that will surely be a milestone in the record of the education system in India, it has been endorsed by the government after many rounds of talks. The policy is thoroughly built, far-sighted and will actually influence a big part in the nation’s prospective development. We must praise the TSR Subramanian Committee in 2016 & the K Kasturirangan Committee for carrying attained a very huge job.

The strategy sights a pleasant priority on a learner-centred, adjustable strategy that attempts to renovate India into an energetic proficiency nation. It will balance the dignity of India as well as approval of the decent intentions and methods in the world of the education system from across the world.

The new-education strategy will offer the reduction in the huge syllabus, emphasis on vocational teaching and environmental schooling are significant facets adequately enclosed by NEP. Students will be greatly additionally empowered and retain the recourse to select the subjects they want to find & learn.

An isolated control offered in the NEP to gaze after all institutions latching medical & law colleges. The strategy provides a fillip to holistic schooling by anticipating the meeting of science and arts streams. The priority on morality, human and Constitutional significances will run along way in the innovation of enlightened citizenship fundamental for aggravating our democratic base.

The policy furthermore broadens the extent of foundational schooling, boosting the school-going years from 3 to 18 rather than the prevalent 6 to 14. Arranging a National Mission on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy is an extensively required, immediate step to expand the integrity of teaching at the fundamental education level. NEP recognises the significance of nourishment to the all-round growth of kids and has, therefore, included a prerequisite for a suitable breakfast, in addition to the nourishing mid-day meal, to help children achieve adequately acquiring results.

Download: National Education Policy 2020.pdf

Schooling in mother tongues will moreover assist children to cultivate attention in provincial literature and society, furthermore, it will assist them to understand promising the traditions and notions that are indigenous to a special region. As the mother tongue fiddles a highly significant function in the across-the-board improvement of the kid. Mother tongue, which a child learns straight from the minute he or she is born, furnishes unique individuality, attaches with society and is significant for mental improvement. The strategy also positions enormous priority on refined languages of India. There is a distinct pride attributed with talking one’s mother tongue and we must include this significance of dignity in our kids.

The policy asserts clearly that there would be no imposition of any wording and no opposition to any language. this is clearly a pleasant move.

Now our focus wants to change positions to its productive and effective execution. State Governments and the Union government have to collaborate to make the modification happen in the classrooms. Government officials clarified that if this NEP enforced adequately, this policy is the path forward to give rise to India the most thriving knowledge centre.

New Education Policy | Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource ..

Expected outcomes of the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020.


On the other hand, the NEP strives to boost public investment in teaching from the existing 4.3% to 6% of GDP, we must give birth to a time shelf for this to be carried out.

New Education Policy strives to promote an inclusive strategy, which puts up with reference field experiences, empirical analysis, stakeholder acknowledgement, as well as lessons understood from best strategies.

It is an advanced shift towards a better scientific method to education. The specified configuration will help to cater to the capacity of the child – phases of mental growth as well as social and physical understanding. If carried out in its true vision, the new system can give rise to India at normal with the dominant nations of the planet.


In the next blog, I'm going to bring a detailed blog about thr NEP 2020 in simplified form.

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