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What factors should a parent consider while choosing the right school for their child?
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What factors should a parent consider while choosing the right school for their child?

Are you in the process of finding the right school for your child?  The foremost concern of every parent begins with the task of finding the right educational institution which suits your child as well as you the finest. It revolves around various factors and longterm decision making. School is considered to be one of the primary places where children get their building blocks of personality development.  While a certain percentage of parents prefer to home-schooling their child, the majority of parents prefer to send their children to public or private school. Choosing the apt school for your child can require some good research work and counselling sessions until you find the right fit.  Chalking out the parameters which are homogeneous to the values and strengths which you practice at home for your child. 

Considering personal factors such as the value foundation of the school and if it suits your child's' interests and hobbies, the level of inclusiveness and representation the school practices and if that matches your criteria. Apart from that factors such as financial affordability, a distance of the school from your home, transportation facilities, the board of affiliation, subjects offered, languages taught, scholarship opportunities, availability of library and study resources, school psychologist or a team of student counsellors, sports facilities, cultural enhancement and learning approaches are some points to be taken in consideration in school selection.  Your child must feel a sense of safety in their school environment in order to grow.  Standard of education and the adaptability of the presented learning approach for your child is important besides the quality of the educator. Co-curricular activities must be encouraged equally as academics for evolving in a healthy and balanced learning environment. 

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Education begins at home which serves beyond the textbooks. Each parent has a different approach to education and the various aspects related to schooling. Inclusively, looking for the right fit may seem to be an anxiety-driven task especially with the given choices and a set of pereferences. School prepares your child for holistic developement. 

You can prepare for the selection of the right school for your child taking into consideration some of the above mentioned factors. Moreover, with the help of internet advances, researching about schools have been made easy and at your finger tips.  



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