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What Is Cyberbullying? Know How You Can Stop It
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Anu Pandey

What Is Cyberbullying? Know How You Can Stop It

Before the internet, most bullying taken place in schools or in person. Once someone reached home, it protected them from bullying. Sadly, that is no longer the situation. Because of personal computers, laptops, and smartphones, cyberbullying can infiltrate in life. Let’s learn about the cyberbullying and its preventions.

What Is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is any form of bullying that takes place via a digital platform or we can say through internet. There is misconception present among us is that cyberbullying is only carried on social media, but it can also take place over SMS, E-mail, or in games. Cyberbullying means sending, distributing, or posting anything hateful, negative or harmful, intending to hurt someone. This can also comprise chagrin and ignominy. Cyberbullying is toxic and problematic, and even illegal and held as criminal conduct.

Difference between Cyberbullying & Bullying

Digital and social media are regularly accessible and ingested with no halt. The subject that is produced can make a permanent, online and accessible history for all to look at.

Cyberbullying differs from bullying in a few critical aspects:

1. Anonymous

People can make usernames and fake profiles to mask their identification. Sometimes, you may not even know who is carrying the coercing. This differs from conventional bullying where the bully is face-to-face with the sufferer.

 2. Unceasingly intense

 Digital methods allow for communication at all hours, every day, so they can communicate any negativity at all hours, not just during school or work times.

 3. Public

What occurs anyone can look at online, especially if it takes place on public message boards or social media sites. Those who are associated may only see traditional bullying.

4. Permanent footprint on internet

Material that is generated online is perpetual and can always be accessed anytime. Therefore, cyberbullying that takes place beforehand one can affect facets of later life as well, such as college admissions or future jobs. This is pertinent to both bullies and people who are bullied.

 Laws And Sanctions

Our country has a set of laws against bigotry, but cyberbullying is critical to monitor. It complicates laws to supervise and invoke for bullying that takes place online.

Cyberbullying can take place off campus, and may not be enforceable by school administrators, but if cyberbullying influences school operation, school authority may have the rule to intercede.

Tactics: Examples Of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can take place, but some typical tactics include:

  • Sharing explicit or adult photos

  • Accusing someone falsely

  • Creating a fake profile

  • Promoting self-harm techniques and suicide

  • Threatening someone to share intimate documents and material

  • Threatening for being of a certain socio-economic prominence

  • Threatening due to gender status or sexual orientation

 Why Do People Cyberbully?

Commonly, it is juveniles who are the groups doing the cyberbullying. Teenagers might take part in cyberbullying conducts because of boredom, peer pressure, grudge, vengeance, or bewilderment. They may not even comprehend what they are saying online is destructive or even unlawful.

How To Prevent Cyberbullying

As an adult, the finest way you can ward off cyberbullying is by being mindful of what your children or pupils are looking at online. You can also instruct your kids about the seriousness of online privacy, meshing with intruders, and how their actions online can alter them for history.

Effects And Consequences Of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying, just like any other form of bullying, can precipitate significant and long-lasting aftereffects for both the person being bullied, and the bully themselves.

 Cyberbullying provokes individuals to be in a continual state of worry, apprehension, and restlessness which can get to depression, clinical restlessness, and troubles with attitude, zeal, and school or work achievement. Cyberbullying can also have serious negative implements on a person’s portrait and self-account, which can challenge to develop back up anew.

How to forestall cyberbullying.

You can have a part in thwarting and stopping cyberbullying! Realise that you are not helpless and even insignificant strides you take can have a tremendous impact.

Here are 6 steps you can take against cyberbullying:

1. Tell Someone about cyberbullying

You don’t desire to get entangled in the back and forth of the threatening, but if you see something online that doesn’t look appropriate, or is altering an acquaintance, express to a faculty member, a parent, a colleague.

2. Escape from bad

When you look at cyberbullying taking place in a conversation or on a thread you are in, step aside from the screen, turn off notifications, or get yourself out yourself from the group or thread.

3. Keep calm and think

Don’t respond right away without thinking first. Try to resist the urge to be negative towards the bully. Responding when emotions are running high can be dangerous.

4. Save Evidence


If this is something you plan to report, take screenshots of the bullying. Send them to someone you trust so that you don’t need to be reminded of them whenever you open your photos.



5. Report And Block


Most sites have an option to report posted content to the site itself, or to group moderators. If you see something that looks like cyberbullying, or is inappropriate or harmful, report it. Block the user as well if they are bothering you.



6. Keep Yourself Safe


When interacting online, don’t share personal information that could be used against you. Keep all of your passwords well hidden and not easily guessed so that others cannot access your personal messages or photos.



The Bottom Line

So, what is cyberbullying? It is a type of bullying that is relentless and harmful. You can prevent cyberbullying, even if you are a student, parent, or teacher. You can stand up if you are being bullied by reaching out for help from peers, family, or teachers. Cyberbullying stops with you.




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