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Why is learning a foreign language an add-on skill?
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Why is learning a foreign language an add-on skill?

 Learning a foreign language is not only helping individuals add on to their skill-set but also carve out successful careers. School curriculums have been designed to encourage students to learn an additional third language right from high school. Even though English is said to be a globally spoken language, there are first world countries which prefer to communicate in their sociolect. Globalisation and foreign trade markets are breeding grounds for multi-cultural interactions with individuals from different cultural environment n, knowing a foreign language opens door to new opportunities. Language skill empowers ones' personality development as well as creative enrichment. 

Linguaphile is someone who loves words and languages in particular. They have a knack for learning speaking and writing different languages around the globe. Fun fact, there are 7,117 languages in the world and about 40% of the existing number of languages are endangered. After the English language, Mandarin Chinese and Hindi are listed as the languages are widely spoken, followed by Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali and Russian. The language which is said to be the richest languages in Swedish. The Holy Bible remains the most translated book. If you think 26 characters of the English alphabet are enough then let me tell you that Cambodian has the longest alphabet, consisting of 74 characters!! Did you know that Russian was the first language to be spoken in outer space!! Languages can go on to surprise you.

Job sectors are expanding ever since the onset of globalization. Foreign language skills are mentioned as valuable and competitive marketplace demands. Developing a knack for learning a language enables an individual to have understanding another culture and polished communication skills. Learning a language requires one to have the patience and regularity with the process and put in practice. Multilingualism is not limited in the present times, being able to grasp, learn and speak multiple languages models you as an asset. 

Keep learning!!



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