Independence Day Celebration By Schotest

Independence Day Celebration By Schotest

  16-08-2019 16:26:00

On 15 August 1947, God granted this gift of freedom after a long struggle by our freedom fighters, who went to jails, got beaten up for the sake of the nation, even sacrificed their lives for this day. So that we can breathe in free air. 

So to remember the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. SchoTest took out TIRANGA YATRA to India Gate to rejoice and celebrate this day with pride.

Festivals and Celebrations add freshness to the monotonous office lifestyle. Everyone enjoys together forgetting their works for some time. For new employees, it acts as the ice-breaker, allowing them to mingle with other colleagues. We celebrated our Independence Day with full zeal and patriotism, but the celebrations were none like any usual celebration. 

We started our day by decorating the office with balloons, posters, ribbons, designs and much more. Thereafter, our team members shared their views of Independence Day. Some of them came up with beautiful poems, others came up with decorated speeches, and few even told Shayari. Then came the time for snacks, which needless to point was delicious. After having snacks we started our march towards India Gates with Placards, National Flag, and excitement in our hearts. In the way, we stopped at Rashtrapati  Bhawan, there we talked with different people, had photos with them, chanted some freedom slogans, to enthuse people with patriotism. After a brief pause, we again headed towards India Gate, chanting slogans, taking more and more people along the way with us. In between even rain also gave the blessing to us. When we reached India Gate, many people joined us in our celebrations of Independence Day. There we engaged with a lot of the people, had our collective experience, created fervour of Patriotism among everyone who was there. We even shared our Independence Day experience with some journalists, thereby, learning some valuables for life.

Finally, we had our collective dinner, and after that, we headed back towards our home. While going back we had that experience with us, which one cannot acquire working at an office. We learned team spirit, handling people, friendliness, even flagging off our freights and grabbing some everlasting memories. 

Certainly, this Independence Day Celebration was not just a simple occasion, but it was indeed a special day for rejoicing in the true spirit to the core.

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