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10 safety measures that a school should not miss
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10 safety measures that a school should not miss

For every Parent, their child is the world for them. And for their child development, they send them to school with the thought that the school will empower the child with all kind of learning from educational, physical, emotional, cultural, spiritual, and intellectual to social. Apart from all the learning, that the child’s parent wants from the school is the safety of their ward in the school. So safety becomes the prime concern to the Parents and Schools as crimes in various parts of the world are on the rise.

If you run a school or you are a student or you are the parents of the beloved child, it is important that you take school safety seriously otherwise matters could turn to worse if appropriate steps are not taken before-hand.

Although the student’s safety is everybody’s responsibility, as a director/administrator, it is important to put such structures in place which will go in a long way in ensuring school safety.

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Here are 10 security guidelines that you can infuse in your school safety measures.

School Buildings

Keeping the school environment including building, premises, entrance and surroundings that comprise extensive term ‘Infrastructure’ safe and secure is the pertinent thing for the school authority. A good infrastructure creates a favourable environment for students’ holistic development. School buildings must be certified as safe for housing the students by authorities.

Natural calamities are unavoidable in nature, though suitable measures can be taken to reduce their impact. Buildings should be resilient to Earthquakes and other natural calamities and Proper disaster management plan should be placed to deal with any such situation. In addition, buildings should be fitted with fire safety equipment and timely drills involving students and staffs should be conducted.

School Entrances

School compound must be fenced and gated so that people who come and go can be checked properly and avoidable threats could be averted and the safety of students can be ensured. Security Personnel should be stationed at the entry gates to keep a tab on who comes in and goes out of the school premises. ID cards should be checked before allowing anyone to enter. Even the facility of visitor i-cards should also be provided.

security measures at school

Proper security check should be done before employing teachers and employees. Hired teachers should be mentally sound and should not have any criminal background. The sole purpose behind this is that if a worker is hired, then he must be traceable and identified. Workers should be hired only from authorised sources and proper verification should be done. Other to it they must be in possession of ID-card within the school premises.  Students should be regularly searched from time to time to prevent them from bringing weapons or other harmful instruments in the school campus. In addition, a mechanism to deal with such situations should be placed.

cctv installation and maintenance

Say no to strangersInstallation of CCTV and maintenance of proper records, so that nothing is left un-captured in case there is some fishy movement towards any student in school. Moreover, this will act as a deterrent to the students and staffs and they will think twice before taking any undue action.

 Only Parents and Guardians assigned should be allowed to receive their child from the school. This could avert the strangers from influencing the child. Other to it children should be taught to keep a distance from the strangers and other key tactics like self-defence, avoid eatables from strangers etc. in dealing with strangers. Knowledge of good touch and bad touch will also be handy to the students. Students should be well-informed about the routes to their home and even have the knowledge of other alternate routes.

Safe Transportation

Transportation facility to pick up and drop students should be safe and secure. Buses and Vans inducted for the school service should have the following features-

  • Eco-friendly vehicles with ‘SCHOOL BUS’ indicated on them and if the bus is hired then ‘ON SCHOOL DUTY’ should be indicated on them.
  • Windows of the vehicles should be fitted with grills and doors with locking mechanism.
  • Vehicles should be fitted with speed control devices.
  • The emergency number displayed in the vehicle
  • First Aid Box and fire extinguisher kept in the vehicle
  • GPS and CCTV camera
  • The well-trained crew which include driver, attendant and the teacher

Safety in the school campus


Medication-A dispensary within a school is as essential as classrooms in it. A school dispensary ought to have a certified specialist/doctor alongside the attendant. It should have some hospital beds, first-aid material and vital medications required for children. It should also have a provision for handling emergencies during the school hours. Ambulance facility, always ready to meet any undue situation should be at the hand distance from the school.

Sports safety- Sports are as essential as learning itself in any school. But with sports come to the associated injuries and one must be prepared to deal with such situations. Safety gears and quality sports equipment should be provided by the school authorities. Well-trained sports teachers and coordinators to facilitate the students. Students should be taught Yoga and other sports ethics to keep them calm and cool in the sports field. Medical facility at a hand distance should be available to meet any difficult situation occurred while playing any sport.

Clean and Hygiene washrooms and corridors- washrooms and toiletries must be cleaned time to time as they are the prime source of infections. School campus should be cleaned properly with disinfectants. Students should be taught about cleanliness practices and make them incorporate such a habit in their lifestyle. Even cleanliness drives can be conducted in school.

Canteen- Growing bodies and hungry minds need the right fuel. As such a canteen is in a unique place to make a positive contribution to students’ health and welfare. A sterile, hygienic and vegetarian cafeteria located in a clean and open place and free from filthy surroundings. Food served in canteen should be regularly checked by the authorities. FSSAI regulated food items should be served in the canteen. Manufacturing and Expiry dates should be well mentioned on the packaged food items. In addition, clean and safe drinking water should be made available to students.

Labs-Laboratory is the place where students apply their theoretical knowledge to practice. But safety in labs can’t be ignored while doing experiments. Installation of CCTV in labs in addition to the well-trained teachers and attendants to handle the students in the lab should be done. In computer labs, a mechanism should be placed so that unwarranted contents could be blocked or made inaccessible to the students. In other labs, chemicals and instruments must be kept safely beyond the easy access of children and should be used only under supervision. A first aid box must be made available in the lab. There should be an exhaust facility for the gases. A fire extinguisher should be placed in the labs. Lab team must be trained to meet any emergency in the laboratory.

Digital Safety


Safety online is just as important as physical safety. With the internet spreading its tentacles to every corner of our life, one just cannot flow with the stream. Along with the positives of the internet, students should be made aware of the dark side of the internet too. If schools are providing wifi and internet facilities, then inappropriate contents and disturbing images should be blocked. Knowing the role of the mobile phones plays, many schools have allowed bringing cell phones to school, but it has opened a vast number of threats to the students, they can be easily influenced by hackers, blackmailers and unwarranted persons, they could land on such sites which could harm their mental stability. So, using mobiles should be restricted in schools. In case anyone is found using mobiles in the school campus, then necessary steps like confiscation of mobiles could be done.

Safety from Bullying, Ragging or violent activities


When students act out of emotion or do not have empathy for each other, it could lead to violence, ragging or bullying. Teachers must handle such situations calmly as the matter could turn to worse if not handled properly. Grievance redressal committee consisting of teachers, councillors and school prefects or in-charge, can be set up by the school authority so that it could look into such measures. Measures that could be taken during such situations include-

  • Stopping any such thing immediately
  • Trying to resolve the dispute efficiently
  • Implementing consequences that follow after such an activity
  • Supporting the bullied or injured or aggrieved student with proper medications and counselling
  • Informing the parents or guardians of the concerned student

Safety from sexual harassment


Sexual Harassment is any unwelcome words or conduct of a sexual nature which creates an embarrassing, hostile, humiliating or offensive environment for the sufferer. Sexual harassment can be of three nature, namely-verbal, physical and visual. Steps that your school can take to curb such incidents are-

  • Making students aware of good and bad touch.
  • Self-defence techniques should be taught to the students
  • Students should be made aware as to whom to approach in such cases.
  • Sexual education should be provided in school.
  • If any such incident takes place, Parents should be the first one to be informed and the necessary steps should be taken against the offender.
  • And in case of greater damage, it should be the responsibility of the school to incorporate police authority without thinking of the school’s image.




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